"Grandiose Suleiman" of Albanian roots?

The well known Turkish actor Halit Egenç, has revealed his Albanian descent. And since his roots are in Albania, he has taken a little time to spend with his beloved family in a place that reminds him the olds.

He has spent a little time with his family in the neighborhood named "Arnavutkoy", which in Albanian means "Albanian village".

Is this a coincidence or whether he has thought well this choice? Foreign media say that this weekend he has been in an Albanian place, but in Turkey.

Halit Egenç, along with his wife, Berguzar Korel and their son, were photographed while had lunch with his family in "Arnavutkoy"..

"Grandiose Suleiman" of Albanian roots? "Grandiose Suleiman" of Albanian roots? Sunday, May 01, 2016 Rating: 5
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