Albanian soprano Mula "conquers" Belgrade

 The Albanian soprano, Inva Mula, received the strongest applause from the Serbian public.

For the first time after many years in Bohemas as a guest, Mula managed after many ears to fill the great hall of the National Theatre of Belgrade.

With no political load and in maximum ratings, the Serbs said they are happy to have the opportunity to see such an artist.

"We have only good words for her as an artist and of course we are happy because her performance exceedes the usual level that we see here at the National Theatre," says Dejan Savic, Dirigent and director of the National Theatre, Belgrade.

After numerous emotions pictures with fans backstage after the great responsibility.

"I'm relieved because the public applause is the best answer we artists can have," says Inva Mula.

Without many words from the scene the Albanian soprano market another country on the world and the she turned the Bohemian sadness in a new case.

Albanian soprano Mula "conquers" Belgrade Albanian soprano Mula "conquers" Belgrade Friday, May 27, 2016 Rating: 5
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