10 Public Questions to Gove relating to Albanians and the Albanian contribution in the World we live

 The Albanian based organization "Reago" (React) has reacted over the declarations of U.K. Secretary of Justice Michael Gove, relating to Albanians. Gove has recently  offended publicly the Albanians on issues related to U.K. and Europe. 

In that sense this organization decided to react publicly in an analytical and historical way relating on the contribution the Albanians for the World in which we live and whole humanity, and by asking publicly 10 questions to Gove. 

The first part of the letter describes the opinion of some greatest people of U.K. history, and the second part is addressed to Gove with 10 public questions.

The first part:

As the referendum in UK is going to happen soon, we sent a letter of protest to the UK Secretary of Justice asking him directly 10 question about his theses against EU using Albania as an example. The very next day we noticed that Albania was banned from his page in Facebook, not giving us as an whole nation to follow him in order to get his point of view and to be part of the debate as the main actor of his campaign.

During centuries, Albania is respected as a nation for the role played in international arena and the credits are given with greatest respect from England’s most well-known historic and public figures, let’s mention here three simple examples:

  1. Scanderbeg has been credited with being one of the greatest warriors to defend the  Western Europe.

  • James Wolfe, commander of the British forces at Quebec, spoke of Skanderbeg as a commander who "excels all the officers, ancient and modern, in the conduct of a small defensive army".
  • Sir William Temple considered Skanderbeg to be one of the seven greatest chiefs without a crown.
  • Skanderbeg is the protagonist of three 18th-century British tragedies: William Havard's Scanderbeg, A Tragedy (1733), George Lillo's The Christian Hero (1735), and Thomas Whincop's Scanderbeg, Or, Love and Liberty (1747).
  • Byron wrote with admiration about Skanderbeg and his warrior nation
  • A palace in Rome in which Skanderbeg resided during his 1466–67 visits to the Vatican is still called Palazzo Skanderbeg and currently houses the Italian museum of pasta:[209] the palace is located in Piazza Scanderbeg, between the Fontana di Trevi and the Quirinal Palace. Also in Rome, a statue by florentine sculptor Romano Romanelli is dedicated to the Albanian hero in Piazza Albania. Monuments or statues of Skanderbeg have also been erected in the cities of Skopje and Debar, in the Republic of Macedonia; Pristina, in Kosovo; Geneva, in Switzerland; Brussels, in Belgium; London, in England; and other settlements in southern Italy where there is an Arbëreshë community. In 2006, a statue of Skanderbeg was unveiled on the grounds of St. Paul's Albanian Catholic Community in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

  1. Mother Teresa said "By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus."

  • Mother Teresa was honored by both governments and civilian organizations. The United Kingdom and the United States each repeatedly granted awards, culminating in the Order of Merit in 1983, and honorary citizenship of the United States received on 16 November 1996.
  • Diana princess of Wales, she visited Mother Teresa's hospice in Kolkata, India, in 1992, and the two women developed a personal relationship.
  • Beginning 5 September 2013, the anniversary of her death has been designated as the International Day of Charity by the United Nations General Assembly

  1. Some of Albanian nowadays “heroes” well-known internationally are

  • Albanian young scientist Edor Kabashi has been awarded with “ENCALS Young investigator” award 2015, in Dublin, Ireland
  • Albanian soprano Ermonela Jaho – worldwide known for her devine voice
  • Albanian singer – UK citizen – worldwide star Rita Ora so much loved allover the world for her voice

About Mr. Gove as an individual, we had just the reaction which meets the standard of the debate he opened and we think that if he can not support his argument than it's not an argument. If he targets people or even worst nations to build an alibi for his thesis than he's not a politician. If he  fails to face the truth  about facts he mentions in public he failed as an individual. If he can't stand for a debate he started, he failed as an alternative. If he can't answer ten simple questions about Albania his strongest alibi, he won't be able to answer thousands of  questions to his citizens. He can limit his Facebook address from being viewed in Albania, but he can't limit the whole world to see what a coward he is. The arrogance is not permitted in democracy and the free world does not accept irresponsibly to lead. If today he is blaming a group of people whoever they are trying to marginalize them, tomorrow he'll do the same with his own people, these are clearly fascistic attitudes toward humanity. The lack of good will to cooperate with the neighborhood is a lack of vision to be part of global network management system. Mr. Gove you just failed as a person as an intellectual and as a political alternative.

 Please find below the letter we directed to him about this issue.

Best Regards,

Rudina Berani

“Reago” activist

The second part

Dear secretary of justice,

I can not hide my fury over your writings about Albanians. Your speculations, your short political vision, and let’s not mention the absence of humanity when you make such political declarations. I feel sorry for you, because you truly do not reflect the values of a real Scotsman. As the justice secretary let me ask you ten questions:

  1. Since you only use small nations for your sole benefits and never truly support them, do you feel proud because you are a Scotsman or because you own a British passport?
  2. It is true that your country supports the EU, but is it more fair to say that your country has profited from the EU?
  3. Is it true that UK it’s loosing its weight on global matters, because it is weak and it is not willing to take the role that it should to shape Europe?
  4. Who are you, and what right you think you have to disgrace an entire nation which has protected the civilization to which you belong?
  5. Since you care so much about Britain, are you able to explain to your people how will Britain survive when you will be outside EU?
  6. Do you really know our nation’s history, or your country’s history?
  7. Is it true that your are a short vision politician, who is using Albania for your own political benefits?
  8. Why do you think that you are better than us?
  9. As a justice secretary, are you aware that your country is very much in debt to us because of the tragic London Conference 1912-1913, which divided Albania robbed our lands and sacrificed our people, and put us into an obscured future?
  10. Don’t you really think sometimes that the small percentage of Albanians in UK jails are the product of your unjust politics which have sacrificed my nation in the last hundreds of years? Dividing our nation in five states, keeping us poor on purpose so that you can steal our wealth?

Meanwhile I wait for you to answer my questions and reflect on your wrong doing and wrong saying policy, I’m sending you a photo which contains a slight British humor, photo which I’ll remove from my toilet the day you will visit the Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu (Scanderbeg) statue in London and thank him for the freedom in which he laid his life for you to enjoy. 

Kind regards,

Leonard Dedej.

10 Public Questions to Gove relating to Albanians and the Albanian contribution in the World we live 10 Public Questions to Gove relating to Albanians and the Albanian contribution in the World we live Wednesday, May 11, 2016 Rating: 5
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