Via Egnatia attracts the attention of RAI 3

Via Egnatia

 Egnatia road or known worldly as "Via Egnatia" has attracted the attention of Italian television RAI3, the weekly program East - West has devoted a 3 minute chronic to the segment of Via Egnatia in the Albanian territory. 

"Tourists in Egnatia road" is titled the chronicles the journalist Claudia Bruni and the cameraman Paolo Bozzi, who describe the remnants of this road in the Librazhdit segment. Stressing that this road is known for trade route, historical battles, preacher of the cross, Roman and Ottoman religions. 

Built by the Romans in the second century BC to connect the West to the East, from Rome to Constantinople, Via Egnatia already is evasluated thanks to a project of the Albanian government of 120 thousand dollars in its first stage.

Auron Tare during the interview to RAI3 says, "From a year we want to promote the Via Egnatia as tourist product and source of economic development for the local residents. Equipping it with signs along the route, with photos and information."

RAI3 journalist, Claudia Bruni, after mentioning that during the shooting is accompanied by a team of Albanian state department news, interviews residents, who are enthusiastic about this opportunity for the area. "We have opened the doors to tourists and this area renowned for its hospitality and history deserves more".

Via Egnatia attracts the attention of RAI 3 Via Egnatia attracts the attention of RAI 3 Saturday, April 23, 2016 Rating: 5
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