Seselj banned from entering in Kosovo

 A week after being acquitted of war crimes, Serbian ultra-nationalist, Vojislav Seselj, is banned from entering in Kosovo and is declared persona non grata, announced today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo.

The decision of March 31 of the Hague Tribunal to release Seselj of all charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Balkan Wars pf 90s, has caused outrage among the victims. 

The decision was immediately criticized by Bosnia and Croatia. A few hours after the announcement of the decision, Zagreb forbate Seselj entry in Croatia, meanwhile Sarajevo was considering a similar movie.

"Seselj entry in Kosovo is not allowed for clear reasons - because his words caused thousands of victims in Balkans," Petrit Selimi told to AFP news agency, Kosovo's Foreign Minister.

Seselj, who planed to attend the April 24 elections in Serbia, said he wants to visit Kosovo. Selimi explained that based on the 2013 agreement between Serbia and Kosovo, Pristina has the final say in letting former or actual officials to enter from Serbia to Kosovo.

Seselj banned from entering in Kosovo Seselj banned from entering in Kosovo Friday, April 08, 2016 Rating: 5
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