Kosovar student in US creates video-game for Kosovo

 Agness Belegu from Kosovo studying at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, decided to create a video game that has to do with Kosovo.

As a child, he played for days with Nintendo Super Mario Bros, trying to complete the game.

"I could not believe that I was responsible for the live [of Marios]," said 23-year-old.

"I thought I should save my princess," she added.

This helped Belegu to create a video game, which will help others better understand the situation in her native Kosovo. It is created in FIEA video-game and she is the first Kosovar who aims to enter to the market of computer games.

FIEA is a University in Florida and is a school of development of video games.

Now, Belegu is working with UCF's students to create her game.

In an interview for "Orlando Sentinel" Belegu did not reveal details of the project, as it is in the early stages of development, but firs premises show before the players can see the world through the animals.

"It is the mix of things that happened [in Kosovo] and the exploration of what is seen from the perspective of a non-hero", she said.

As a child Belegu only had the opportunity to play games of her brother. Her father did not liked games because he considered playing video -games a waste of time. But she took it as a challenge and decided to go beyond.

Video games helped her to take away her attention from the worst periods of Kosovo.

Kosovar student in US creates video-game for Kosovo Kosovar student in US creates video-game for Kosovo Saturday, April 02, 2016 Rating: 5
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