Arbëresh priest: In Greece are located 900 Albanian villages

Arbëresh-s are a phenomenon and a very special people in human history. Saving Albanian tradition for centuries is something that has captivated all scholars and historians who have known these people.

This is also confirmed special guest of Zone B, Antonio Belushi, an Arbëresh, Orthodox priest and scholar of Albanian expansion and its genesis. The 82-year-old was also invited to the inauguration of President Hashim Thaci.

The Arbëresh priest claimed that in Greece are located 900 Albanian villages. This is based on a study that he has done himself.

"I published my book where I discovered 900 Albanian villages in Greece, I know very well the Greek language, our genesis is there. I went there for 40 consecutive years," he says

National feelings, about the Albanian brothers and arbëresh recognition for Kosovo and its personalities and commitment to the nation are the attributes that characterize the priest Belushi, proved in this interview in Zone B.

He expressed gratitude for the participation in the inauguration ceremony of Mr. Thaçi President, where two things stood out.

"Skanderbeg seemed cheerful to me today because Kosovo is a Republic and has a young President. What impressed me most were the verses of the poetry Ali Podrimës, "Me, your son, Kosovo". You are my brother are Albanian, are Kosovar are my brother". When we Arbëresh meet with eachother without being recognized, we got hugged and say "my ragged blood". I spread this Albanian brotherhood in other places from Canada to New York with other Albanians, with our brothers," he said.

"In America also came Ibrahim Rugova and Rexhep Qosja. I have gratitude for Rugova, I visited his grave, I was decorated by him with the award of the 'League of Prizren ".

"I am the son of Kosovo," said the Arbëresh priest Antonio Belushi.

Arbëresh priest: In Greece are located 900 Albanian villages Arbëresh priest: In Greece are located 900 Albanian villages Tuesday, April 19, 2016 Rating: 5
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