Veliaj gives to Saimir Pirgu the "Key of the City"

Saimir Pirgu holding the Key of Tirana

The world-renowned tenor Saimir Pirgu, was honored yesterday by Tirana Municipality with the symbol "Key of the City". 

He is hosted in a separate meeting by the Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj, who has submitted the symbol of the city, in a sign of gratitude for the contribution that the world-famous artist has given to the promotion of our national values and in particular the for the selection of Tirana as one of the stations of his world tour, which runs through the major cities of art and culture in the world: Tokyo, Florence, Moscow, Vienna, Berlin, Paris and New York. He was accompanied by the Director of the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Ilir Kerni.

During the ceremony, Mayor Veliaj thanked the artist for the long-awaited concert that will carry on Saturday in Tirana, after the success in the capitals of world culture, with the album "Il mio Canto", and stressed that Pirgu is a pride for the Albanian nation.

"I believe there is not greater compliment City Key that compensates the aspiration of a child who sees a success story achieved with hard work, without recognition, relatives, political, but with his sound and utmost commitment," said Veliaj.

Meanwhile, Pirgu expresses his satisfaction about the appreciation stressing that has found support from the Municipality of Tirana for organizing this concert.

"Aside from the Key of Tirana, I am very excited to receive this title. I would like to thank the Municipality of Tirana and TOB that enabled my arrival in Tirana, not because I would not be able to come, but it was very difficult in a short time in my schedule to enter a concert of such magnitude. The cooperation of both sides, especially of the Municipality, helped in this realisation. I only know that from my office job in London all my associates remained speechless about the whole organization that you made for me," said Saimir Pirgu.
Veliaj gives to Saimir Pirgu the "Key of the City" Veliaj gives to Saimir Pirgu the "Key of the City" Saturday, March 05, 2016 Rating: 5
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