The first 163 refugees arrived in Albania

Greek media say that three buses with 163 migrants have left the port of Piraeus and went to Konica, on the northern border. According to them, the immigrants were welcomed by the city Council and the head of the Municipality.

Albanian authorities have not confirmed anything so far. A few hours ago, Deputy Interior Minister Ilir Marko said Albania has a modern legal basis for the issue of border management, but is not ready to receive and handle the large influx of refugees.

The media have published photos where army bulldozers are working to fix the field where the camp will be established at Konica. Within the weekend is expected to come about 1,000 immigrants.

The Greek Government has asked all the administrative regions of the country, to report in relation with the capacities they have in disposition for housing immigrants.

But most local leaders responded negatively, saying they have no such facilities. Among them the municipalities of Kastoria and Florina, which is also located near the border with Albania.
The first 163 refugees arrived in Albania The first 163 refugees arrived in Albania Saturday, March 12, 2016 Rating: 5
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