Holtës canyons - rafting tourist attraction saw yet discovered

 One of the pearls of natural beauty of our country is the Canyon of Holtës, located on the river with the same name and begins from the village Bardhan to the village Kobash with a length of 3 km, while the slopes of the valley goes up to 100-150 m and the depth of the water that goes up to 3 m.

At the slopes there are many karst caves that can be visited by naturalists and adventurers of sport climbing.

This river flows is located at Gramsh area and the lack road infrastructure has isolated this very interesting touristic attraction.

Besides the river with its gorgeous canyons, in mountain areas you can be find rare forest trees like maple, fir, pine and many rare species of animals and birds.

And these forests are the habitat of the brown bear, a species nearly to extinction because of hunting.

An investment in tourism infrastructure and road network in this area, among others, will bring permanent and economic development, not only in tourism but also in agriculture and livestock.

Local government and tourism companies should see the advantages of this tourist attraction and launch investments in hotels, campsites, hostels and advertise on social networks and media.

Canyon of Holtë River can be found by starting from Gramsci-Bardhan-Kabash, a difficult road for cars with a length of 18 km.

This river flow area is an touristic attraction for those who are passionate of nature and adventure.

Holtës canyons - rafting tourist attraction saw yet discovered Holtës canyons - rafting tourist attraction saw yet discovered Thursday, March 24, 2016 Rating: 5
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