Gerdec weapons movie - comes the trailer of War Dogs

 Gerdec weapons that were bought by two Americans will be part of a Hollywood film. Now is official, Hollywood publishes the trailer of the film with the main protagonists Diveroin Efraim and his partner David Packouz.

Warner Bros has released the first trailer for the comic film War Dogs starring Johan Hill and Miles Teller, which is based on a true story. Everything started when the American company "AEY Inc." of the 25-year-old, Efraim Diveroli won a $ 300 million contract with the US government for the purchase of ammunition and came to Albania to conclude agreements on the purchase of these munitions.

The protagonists in the film are two young American trading weapons on the behalf of  United States of America Government, benefiting from multi-million dollars contracts. Two young guys from merely people suddenly began a high class life, but later everything collapses immediately after the explosion happened in Gerdec.

The crazy part of all this issue is that unlike the Hangover, this it is based on a true story. The poster of the film is also inspired by the poster of the movie 'Scarface'. while the producer is Coopr Bradley.

Based on a true story "War Dogs" follows two friends about the 20's (Hill and Teller) living in Miami. During the first war in Iraq, they exploit an less known initiative of the Government, which allows small businesses to compete for military contracts in the US. Starting little by little, they manage to gain a lot of money and start making a life of luxury. But both reach the maximum when they win a contract of 300 million dollars to supply with weapons Afghan soldiers, an agreement which puts them in business with suspicious persons, one of them turns out to be the US Government.

Efraim Diveroli. became known in Albania as the owner of the company that falsified the chinese origin of Gerdec bullets and sending these munitions to US soliders in Afghanistan. He is arrested by US Governemt for weapon traficking.

Gerdec weapons movie - comes the trailer of War Dogs Gerdec weapons movie - comes the trailer of War Dogs Friday, March 25, 2016 Rating: 5
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