Currency exchange - Lek weakened against major currencies

The local currency Lek depreciated against all currencies this weekend.

According to official data published by the Bank of Albania, the dollar continued its increase, reaching the value of 122.87 Lek or 0.67 more than the previous day. 

While the euro rises with 0.10 Lek being exchanged with 138.34 Lek. This weekend in exchange for the lek has strengthened positions poundi British, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar, Norwegian krone, etc.

Experts say that the performance in the domestic market reflect foreign exchange movements in international markets. Prestige, according to their demand for currency offerings definitely dominates positions against the euro and dollar appreciation.

The strengthening of the US currency is a phenomenon happening in the international foreign exchange market, where Euro is estimated that in 2015 reached lower point alongside the US dollar in the past two years. According to them, the currency used by 19 European countries, maintains a strong position in the domestic market as a result of demand and supply, although in international markets its position against the dollar are weakened.

Currency exchange - Lek weakened against major currencies Currency exchange - Lek weakened against major currencies Sunday, March 20, 2016 Rating: 5
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