Albanian youth in Turkey determined to preserving the national identity

 A greater involvement of youth and students, as the next generation of leaders is necessary. Albanians are known to the world as a nation with a creative, intelligent and hard-working youth.

Ministry of Diaspora, within the responsibility of meeting the targets and action plan arising from the Law on Diaspora and Strategy for Diaspora, has initiated the establishment of a network for young people and students in the Republic of Turkey, in Istanbul, a network that will initiate cooperation between youth organizations and students in Turkey.

Later, this cooperation will be transferred to other countries of the world.

"This network was created in the presence of about 20 representatives of various youth associations in Turkey, among whom was also present champion of Turkey in table tennis, as well as other students of Excellence in their respective fields," said notice.

After a two-hour discussion on the premises of a successful Albanian business, was also established the coordination group of 11 persons, who in the near future will establish the structure of the network.

General Secretary  of the Ministry of Diaspora, Osman Shahini, with the General Consul of the Republic of Kosovo in Istanbul, Rahim Morina, and the Director of the Cultural Centre in Turkey, Camil Bytyqi, welcomed the organization, suggesting the Albanian youth in the Diaspora is a great intellectual  and artistic power.

Also, General Secretary of the Ministry of Diaspora, Shahini, held a meeting with representatives of more than 20 Albanian associations in Istanbul, who reported on the work of the Ministry of Diaspora, particularly in the preservation of identity and language, what also demanded commitment from associations to prioritize awareness for learning the Albanian language.

"The preservation of identity is an important component in the work of the Ministry. But what also is valuable is economic potential for for those who learn the Albanian language," said Sahin, stating examples of various investors from Turkey in Kosovo and those who hold high positions in international organizations who are of Kosovo and Albanian.

On the other hand, Kosovo's general consul in Istanbul, Morina, highlighted the contribution of Diaspora in helping Kosovo before, during and after the war.

Albanian youth in Turkey determined to preserving the national identity Albanian youth in Turkey determined to preserving the national identity Monday, March 14, 2016 Rating: 5
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