Swiss Historian: Albanians World Leaders since the Middle Ages, Europe Deliberately left them Aside

Alexandre LAmbert
 Dr. Alexandre Lambert
 Dr. Alexandre Lambert, historian, academic director of the "School of International Training" in Geneva, is the author of several books and articles in the field of political philosophy, international relations, security policy, and civil-military relations. Lambert has visited Albania many times and has begun to study its issues in his youth by searching in the archives of the League of Nations, Geneva when studied fear well the Cham issue.

The Swiss historian Dr. Alexandre Lambert insists that it is not an accident that Albanians in any moment of history are not recognized as a nation that has attacked other nations and that many Albanians have excelled by leading empires and were leaders in many other countries. Likewise, according to him, some Albanians have left their names in various fields of sciences in different countries of the world. The historian stopped in World War II, expressing the conviction that of what happened in Albania, leaving Albania in Eastern Bloc was an account made by the Allies.

In the Middle Ages, Albanians gave to the world many leaders, laic or religious leaders and cultural personalities that go beyond Europe. Some popes were Albanians, for example - Clement XI, the most outstanding of them. But Albanians have been leading the world's most important religions, as head of the Orthodox religion, as well as a Muslim. In history we find prominent Albanian leaders in many European countries, even those that sometimes have determined the fate of many historical struggles (in 1515 was Mercury Bua cavalry of Venice, composed all by Albanians who set victory to Mariniani battle; the story appointed this as the battle of giants  and not that of Francis I of France, 19, who these two days of battle he was learning how to fight). Albanians have given many prominent prime ministers and generals to the Ottoman Empire (Köprülü family only gave 5 prime ministers to Empire).

Albanians have given many heroes to Greek independence, of which I will mention Kundurjotis, Marco Boçari, Kanaris, Kolokotronis, Karaiskaqis, Bubulina. Who were in the leadership of the Greek revolution, of which some premiers of the newly independent state of Greece. Romania also had a royal family of Albanian origin (Alexander and Vladimir Gjika and also princess Eleonora known as Dora Distria). Francesco Crispi, the friend of Garibaldi, Mazzini, and Kavouri, the great Italian prime minister, was of Albanian origin. Artists like Carpaci, Albani, etc., the humanist Leonica Tome, professor of Copernicus and many Albanian personalities were honored by the history of Italy. Muhammad Ali, reformer of Modern Egypt, which French history called him as "The Napoleon of the Middle East", was that Albanian who founded the royal dynasty of Egypt that reigned nearly 150 years.

The architect Taj Mahal in Agra, India, masterpieces of Islamic architecture, was the work of an Albanian, as well as the Blue Mosque and very important mosques of Istanbul. And finally the Albanian national hero, Gjerg Kastriot Skanderbeg, an universal example of freedom fighter, honored in the whole world with memorials not only in Tirana, Pristina, and Skopje but also in Rome, Brussels, Geneva, Detroit, Buenos Aires, etc. Other memorials for Skanderbeg are designed to be built in London, Warsaw, Melbourne, Manila, etc. When Albanians have contributed so much to the civilization of mankind, why so few people in the world are aware of this, and many even do not dare to accept this reality?/ Oculus News
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