Exclusive - Casino Robbery in DowntownTirana (Video)

 The Casino robbery Friday night at the area of the Paris Commune in the capital is carried out in a very short time. Sufficed less than two minutes for the authors  to get the amount of Lek who were in the safe.

Tirana police sources suggest that, based on information, it appears that the are two persons who committed the robbery.

As you can see from this video, provided by TV Klan, one of the authors was carrying a blue bag, while the other threatened with a pistol the casino employee.

Since the first moment, they have told the security officer to sit down and then made checks at the counter and the safe nearby.

As shown in the footage taken by security cameras, the author is wearing dark blue tracksuit, gloves to avoid traces, black sweatshirt with white stripe and brown and white sneakers.

According evidences of casino employees, given before to the Judicial Police officers, the two authors have used the time when there were no customers and the staff was getting into the casino, having stayed out to smoke.

According to police, they robbed about 1 million old leks (700 euros) and valuables items found in safe.

Despite the investigation, Police have not yet arrested a single person as the author of this robbery.
Exclusive - Casino Robbery in DowntownTirana (Video) Exclusive - Casino Robbery in DowntownTirana (Video) Sunday, January 17, 2016 Rating: 5
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