About 3,900 businesses failed to pay taxes last year

 A total number of 3,920 businesses have failed to fulfill their tax obligations in 2015, with the largest number registered in the last four months of the year, according to data from the General Taxation Directory.

The timeframe also corresponds with the launch of a government campaign against informality, although the correlation between the two was not immediately clear.

Among the businesses that made the list were construction companies, including firms that are involved in hydropower plant projects, accounting and consulting firms, travel agencies and retail businesses.

December alone saw 372 businesses failing to pay taxes on time, the majority of which conducted their activity in Tirana.

All the aforementioned businesses were included in a “blacklist” by tax authorities, which have since 2009 began the publication of a list of businesses that have failed to pay their tax obligations.

The total number of businesses owing money to the tax administration reached 14,999 by the end of December 2015, while recent figures registered in 2015 accounted for 26% of the total.

Once blacklisted, delinquent businesses are notified via registered mail regarding back taxes owed, after which the latter can contest the decision or decide to pay missed obligations to tax authorities.

Failure to act, gives the authorities the right to start collecting back taxes through force including the start of confiscation procedures.
About 3,900 businesses failed to pay taxes last year About 3,900 businesses failed to pay taxes last year Sunday, January 10, 2016 Rating: 5
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