4 Tons of Marijuana Exterminated in Tepelenë

 Police are continuing the operations on the mountainous areas of Tepelena against growers and transporters of narcotics. Police exterminated about eight hundred kilograms of marijuana in Kurveleshi area, an area which is marijuana cultivation is widely spread.

On three operations in the past three days, the amount of drugs destroyed by police goes to four tons, police sources said, as ATA reports.

4 Tons of Marijuana Exterminated in Tepelenë
No one of marijuana growers is arrested until now, despite the large amounts of narcotics blocked.

The Interior Ministry has been criticised this summer, especially from the opposition, for the toleration of the cultivation of marijuana in the area, while the police claimed to have committed from time to time field operations and will continue punishing traffickers.

Marijuana Traffic Is the most widespread criminal phenomenon in these areas, which threatens to turn the region, according to analysts, in a hotbed of organized crime due to strong ties with Italy and Greece.

Traffickers possess weapon, financial capital and means that in many cases challenge either anti-drug specialists.

Analysts estimate that the power of traffickers is proved that in many actions Police failed to arrest them.
4 Tons of Marijuana Exterminated in Tepelenë 4 Tons of Marijuana Exterminated in Tepelenë Sunday, October 18, 2015 Rating: 5
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