Mesila Doda Leaves DP with an open letter

Mesila Doda Leaves DP with an open letter
 Parliament Member Mesila Doda has officially defected from the Democratic Party. She has explained her reasons in an open letter, in which she states that her conflicts with the party began with her attitude about some important issues, such as chemical weapons, the decriminalization of parliament, and refusal to take part in boycotts, which she considers to be a bad practice for countries that are waiting to be integrated. She also disagrees on the issue of opening the communism files. Doda writes that the division reached its peak when she was excluded from the electoral campaign in Tirana, and from parliamentary structures, at the order of the party Chairman. She feels that a deep analysis is needed of the Democratic party’s election results.

Mesila Doda is one of the former “students of December” and she contributed greatly to the establishment of the Democratic Party, but she says that she can no longer stay, as the party has strayed far from what it was 25 years ago. Doda writes the following in her letter: “I regret leaving a party that we created with the students and teachers 25 years ago, now far from the political purpose for which it was created. Now it is a party based on favoritism. I hope that the people in the party who are still resisting can make their stance clear to those who are damaging the party.”

Doda promises to the democrats that she will support their proposals if they align with her convictions, but she does not say which political party she intends to join.
Mesila Doda Leaves DP with an open letter Mesila Doda Leaves DP with an open letter Saturday, September 26, 2015 Rating: 5
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