Rama and Vucic won't discuss Kosovo

Albanian Prime Minister much likely will visit Belgrade in September, where he is expected to meet his Serbian counterpart, Alexander Vucic.

The visit has caused much discussion, and is being seen as a return to "communist nostalgia", by recalling the meeting between Hoxha and Tito, the one and only meeting between Albanian and Serbian high official.

Serbian experts share the same thought when they say that Rama's visit means a better relationship between both countries of the Balkans, relations that were disrupted with the war in Kosovo.
“The actual Albanian government is trying to improve relations with all countries. This is how we should read and understand this visit", has said in an interview for "Vesti" newspaper the member of European Movement in Serbia Dragan Dukanovic.

He also says that it does not matter whether the meeting takes place in Tirana or in Belgrade. The newspaper also says that both prime ministers won't discuss Kosovo./albeu.com - Oculus News

Rama and Vucic won't discuss Kosovo Rama and Vucic won't discuss Kosovo Wednesday, August 27, 2014 Rating: 5
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