New regulation against thefts

The Governor of the Bank of Albania did not find time to answer to all journalists, but by using without any complexes the words “Theft of Bank of Albania”, Fullani guaranteed the public that there will be a quick reaction in cooperation with the international institutions. 

“This isolated theft will be followed step by step. We will take measures to guarantee the regulative perfection, so that this doesn’t happen again”, Fullani declared.
For those who still hoped for a resignation of the Governor or of any of the members at the Supervisory Council, this will not happen, because the leaders of the Central Bank said that they are cooperating with the justice institutions.

“Bank of Albania and I personally are more interested than anyone to find the truth about this and take measures for not having it again in the future. Certainly that it is a serious event that has hit a serious segment, but I guarantee you that the responsibility is high, not only from the Bank of Albania, but also from the Supervisory Council and from me”, Fullani underlined.

Governor Fullani made this public appearance to give optimistic messages about the economy, a report for which the entire Supervisory Council had agreed: “The economy has positive news”, he said.

The merit of this optimistic situation for economic growth goes to the government, which, according to the Central Bank, has lowered the spending, has increased the revenues and the trust, and has improved the business climate.

“The positive progress of the domestic private demand is supported on more favorable financing conditions and on the increased trust of businesses and consumers. The consolidation of the fiscal policy was expressed on the revenue growth and reduced spending. The revenue growth has been influenced by the tax revenues and the administration of this system”, Fullani declared./top channel - Oculus News

New regulation against thefts New regulation against thefts Thursday, August 28, 2014 Rating: 5
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