Kosovo symbols rejected in North

 The use of Kosovar symbols in the north of Kosovo remains a challenge for the executives in this part of the country. From the flags placed at the communal entrances in the north, as well as in other municipalities with serbian majorities, there aren't any kosovar symbols to be seen.

Representatives of Kosovar Institutions claim that the use of kosovar symbols will soon be implemented.
Vice-President of Local Government Administration, Basri Musmurati, didn't want to give any comments regarding the use of the state's symbols in the north, but he claims that the symbols of the state will be used in north in a near future, writes Kosova Sot.

According to political analysts and Assembly deputies of Kosovo, this attitude in the municipalities with serbian majority, particularly in the north of Kosovo, is a result of Serbian population resistance in accepting Kosovo's citizenship, Exress reports.
Kosovo symbols rejected in North Kosovo symbols rejected in North Monday, August 04, 2014 Rating: 5
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