Magistrates: President dismisses Parliament

Fourth, the Presidency said that the criteria set for Elections of the director of this school are exaggerated, exceptional and extremely discriminatory and finally assessed as transitional, infringing the principle of legal certainty and thus the constitutional principle of the rule of law.

But immediately after this president’s decree, the majority has given the first signal that it intends to withdraw from its positions on judicial reform. Edi Rama, the Prime Minister warned that in social networking sites:
"Regrets for the President who between inertia of justice collapse and radical reform has chosen inertia", writes Rama.

The opposition, on the other hand, has come out in support of the President's decision, which qualifies constitutional attitude toward what it calls illegal seizures of ASM.

"Constitutional Return from the President’s illegal catch of the trio: Rama-Meta-Crime in the Assembly. Justice Reform requires inclusion, constitutional rationality and transparency, not grafted oligarchs with crime, who do not want to reform justice," wrote in his official profile on Facebook, head of the Democratic Party, Basha./top channel/ - Oculus News
Magistrates: President dismisses Parliament Magistrates: President dismisses Parliament Thursday, August 14, 2014 Rating: 5
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