Czech Republic Judges a Friendly Solution for CEZ

Embassy of Czech Republic in Tirana has declared that the country it represents requires an amicable solution for the dispute between the Albanian government and CEZ. 

Prague headquarters showed its diplomatic stance through a press release distributed to the media on Tuesday afternoon, following the public statements that address current agreement between the Albanian government and CEZ.
"The Czech government has sought an amicable solution that corresponds to the friendly relations between the two countries and the strong support offered from the Czech Republic towards aspirations to membership in the EU," the statement said.

The official announcement also stated that the Czech Republic welcomes reaching an agreement between the parties and its approval of the Albanian Parliament on July 31, 2014.

"The Czech Republic sees the agreement as a compromise on the legitimate claims of the parties, which resulted from long negotiations," said the embassy.

The Czech government, following the statement, also appreciates the assistance provided by the Energy Community Secretariat in facilitating and encouraging negotiations between parties in terms of both parties from other international partners such as the EU, World Bank and IMF, to resolve the dispute out of court. - Oculus News
Czech Republic Judges a Friendly Solution for CEZ Czech Republic Judges a Friendly Solution for CEZ Tuesday, August 12, 2014 Rating: 5
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