Judge Shtjefen Lleshi suspended

Shtjefen Lleshi 
The High Council of Justice decided to suspend the former President of the Puka Court, Shtjefen Lleshi, previously reported by Top Channel’s investigative show “Fiks Fare” over corruptive affairs.

With 13 votes in favor and 2 against, the HCJ accepted the request of the Minister of Justice, while Lleshi didn’t appear, since he had been permitted by the Prosecution to be present in meeting when Minister Naco was not present.

The two members who voted against declared that they agreed with Lleshi’s suspension, but they argued that he should be heard too, and that’s why he should be present.

The HCJ voted in favor of the other request of the Minister, who had requested a warning against the Elbasan judge, Bujar Musta.

The member replied by saying that with the violations done by the judge, the Minister should have come with a stronger request, which is suspension.

According to the HCJ member, Artan Broci, the violations of Musta are worse than the “warning” measure requested by the Minister.

For the other judge, Ilir Pashja, the disciplinary proceeding was postponed for this Monday, since he had filed a request, arguing that he didn’t have appropriate health conditions and that he requests to defend himself./top channel/
Judge Shtjefen Lleshi suspended Judge Shtjefen Lleshi suspended Thursday, July 17, 2014 Rating: 5
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