New Documentary on Golden Dawn’s Chapter in NYC

Greek-American director Richard Ledes released “Golden Dawn, NYC,” a documentary film about the neo-Nazi party in Greece known as Golden Dawn and how the New York City Greek Community is confronting it.

The short film offers an in-depth look at what the Greek community in New York City is thinking and doing about the rise in Greece of one of the most virulent neo-Nazi parties in Europe, Golden Dawn. Polls indicate that Golden Dawn has grown into Greece’s third largest political party since the 2008 economic crisis.

Richard Ledes decided to find out what the Greeks of New York City thought about the extraordinary rise of the party.

“I further place what is going on in Greece in terms of the price paid by Americans a few generations ago to eradicate Nazism,” said the Greek-American director.

GOLDEN DAWN, NYC combines on-the-street interviews at the Greek Independence parade with conversations with religious leaders, activists, heads of national organizations, the judiciary, intellectuals and members of the media. Watch the film below:
New Documentary on Golden Dawn’s Chapter in NYC New Documentary on Golden Dawn’s Chapter in NYC Wednesday, June 11, 2014 Rating: 5
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