Czech Republic: CEZ, not a condition


Tomas Prouza, the State Secretary for European Union Matters in the Czech Republic, declared in a phone conversation with Top Channel that all media reports about the status of Albania are mere speculation.

According to Mr.Prouza, the Czech Republic will not base its evaluation for Albania’s candidate status on one single trade issue, but they will see the progress reached by Albania.

“This is not true. It is a media speculation. I was really surprised when I read this speculation, because the government has not discussed the candidate status matter yet. This will be discussed during the next week. There has been no discussion of this kind. I cannot imagine that the government will base its decision on one single commercial issue. We will see the steps that Albania has undertakn in the past six months, how the situation has changed, how well the laws have been implemented, what progress has there been with the judiciary and so on. We will see this issue thoroughly and we will not base it on one single commercial issue”, Prouza declared.

As regards the negotiations between Albania and CEZ, the State Secretary for the European Union Matter reiterated that this is not a condition of Prague for Albania’s candidate status.

“It would have been on the interest of everyone if the case would have been resolved months earlier. However, this is a general view, not a condition that we are evaluating for the candidate status. We are aware that there have been talks between the parties, but these are between the Albanian government and CEZ, not between the Albanian government and the Czech government”, Tomas Prouza declared.

What does the Czech Republic think about Albania’s progress in these past six months?

“What the European Commission has commented positively in the report regarding the progress report is highly important. How the country has progressed, how the law has been implemented, how the state protects the rights of individuals and companies. This is part of the final view. By what we have seen from the European Commission report, Albania has made progress and this is good news”./top channel/
Czech Republic: CEZ, not a condition  Czech Republic: CEZ, not a condition Tuesday, June 10, 2014 Rating: 5
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