New property legalization law


With the absence of the opposition, the majority discussed yestarday a law they considered as very important for ending an old problem -- the legalization procedure.
“We will make all legalizations for free, and fortunately this can be understood who don’t depend on Berisha’s mouth for knowing the truth, but they see the facts”, declared Prime Minister Rama.

In a long meeting for this matter, the government leader declared that the previous government took votes from informal areas for years, and created long queues in the doors of the legalization agency, by leaving behind a chaotic institution.

“In the first two weeks, Artan Lame had to collect documents under the tables. This is a fact”, Rama declared.

More than the chaos of the legalization files, Rama mentioned the report of corruptive legalizations. He brought examples of the legalizations made in the last days of the Democratic Party in government within 24 hours, while the rest of the population had been waiting for decades.

“Based on these verifications, the people who are involved should go to prison”, Rama added.
New property legalization law New property legalization law Friday, May 16, 2014 Rating: 5
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