Castels of Tirana as Touristic Destination

Castle of Tirana

The centre of Albanian tourism remains Tirana. Its been visited to show the present, but also the cultural and historical values. But, is known enough Tirana as a site, its origin and its story. Tirana was a station of Egnatia Road - one of the greatest monuments of ancient Rome. It was the center, labeled with a variety of names since the first centuries of our era. Tirkan (IV century AD), Tergiana (1297) when was ruled by Charles I Anjou, and in today's form Tyranna (1505) by Barletius. The Castle of Tirana is the most ancient evidence of the city, located exactly where old and new roads are crossed, who linked the capital and the whole Albania - North to South and East to West. Inside the Castle of Tirana  are traditional houses that were inhabitated by ruling families of the city, for that reason is considered as the first building of the local administration.


Each of old roads, before entering in Tirana, are  dominated by a castle or fortress. Lalmit castles (II century AD), is located on the hill where Erzen river goes
towards Petrela.

Tujan Castle, a stone fortification of rectangular shape, where traces of life date since the first Iron Age. Near by is located the anciet sity of Illyrians - Perqopi.

Dorëzi Castle is located on the hill between the river Treza Piollit (Iron Age), then Ndroqi Castle, Ishmi and Preza Castles, all together constitute the defence line of the district of Tirana. Tirana Castle was and remained the core of the historical region of Tirana. As such continued to exist in the XVIIth century, when Tirana expanded its surrounding area and enabled thus a civic center. The Castle was built by Suleiman Pasha.


In the Castle area today is located the Academy of Sciences, the National Assembly and the National Gallery of Arts.
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