UEFA compares Rashica with Neymar and Ronaldo


 Albanian national talent, Milot Rashica was the personality of the week on the official website of UEFA, where in an article dedicated to Rashica, he is compared with the Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, also with the Brazilian, Neymar.

"Ronaldo is the idol of Rashica and there are some similarities between them: when he gets the ball his first instinct is to go forward and to make things happen. He shot on goal, if possible. In some cases, he seems as an Albanian Neymar," reads the article of UEFA.

While about this article has reacted the footballer who plays for the team of Viruses in the Netherlands.

"It's very great appreciation, but I believe it is a bit early, because I just got started and to be compared to Neymar, is early. But it is an extra motivation for me. The words written or spoken are good things about me, but they do not help to play with the national team or to present yourself best in a match," says Rashica.

UEFA compares Rashica with Neymar and Ronaldo UEFA compares Rashica with Neymar and Ronaldo  Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Rating: 5
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