Businessman Survived Miraculously from Bomb Explosion

In the past two years more than 20 rich businessmen have been killed in the same way all over Albania: explosive attachment in the car and explosion by remote device. There were times where one businessmen were killed each two days.

There is a contradiction that in the poorest country of Europe you can meet the richest businessmen and politicians also. It is obvious that most of these businesses made money in a dirty manner, and someone - maybe a rival or a criminal group with the blessing of the Government or a political party - have thought to reduce some of these.

Nuredin Suli from Fier is one of these that today he would be dead. He survived miraculously from an explosive of his car when he was driving out of a shop center parking at "Paris Commune", Tirana, Monday, 09:11, am.

As you can see in this security camera video made public by Tv Klan, the explosive packaged is been detached and the businessmen have noticed nothing but when heard the news some moments later that some residents of the zone called the Police after saw a toss-up package in the parking hi just left

The police came immediately, closed the center and evacuated all the persons inside. Sappers were called in assistance immediately after police discovered that remote bomb could explode.

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Businessman Survived Miraculously from Bomb Explosion Businessman Survived Miraculously from Bomb Explosion Wednesday, February 10, 2016 Rating: 5
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