Albanian coast - a modern project of yachts fleet

 Albania could have for the first time a modern port for yachts. Charterworld, a London yacht company say that soon will begin the construction of Porto Albania, the first project of this kind in Albania.

This will be the first international port of yachts in Albania that will meet European standards to accommodate about 720 boats up to 75 meters length.

The favorable geographic location will significantly increase its popularity against direct competitors such as Montenegro and Croatia, as well as tourist destinations such as Greece and Italy.

The port is part of a larger project that will include the establishment of accommodation structures on land, such as hotels, residences, villas, shopping malls, but also restaurants, cafes, golf fields etc.

This is an investment that is managed by the Swiss company FINSEC Ltd Zug, in cooperation with the Albanian company FINSEC Port JSC. Charterworld writes that the two companies are working to create a unique destination in the region.

Company board member FINSEC, Peter Ruckstuhl, says "yacht port is the first phase of our investment plan. It expected to extend on 170 hectares and have facilities as, hotel, golf fields, etc. ".
Albanian coast - a modern project of yachts fleet Albanian coast - a modern project of yachts fleet Saturday, February 27, 2016 Rating: 5
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