Turkish Journalist waved Albanian Flag Live (Video)

A Turkish journalist has surprised the audience at a sports show when released Albanian flag in the studio. Known as one of the best analysts of football in Turkey, Ahmet Chakar, lashed the Albanian flag during a discussion for the European Championships 2016.

Chakar said he felt proud of the game made by Albanian National tema and for the qualification of Albanian team. "We are brothers with Albanians," said Chakar, followed by the immediate applause of the public.

By 14 to 18 century Albanian lands were occupied by Ottoman Empire and many Albanians have contributed a lot in Ottoman military, many Albanians were administrators of unnumbered Ottoman provinces. One of most prominent was the king Faruk of Egypt, an Albanian who came by  Muhammad Ali Dynasty and ruled Egypt from 28 April 1936  to 26 July 1952.
Turkish Journalist waved Albanian Flag Live (Video) Turkish Journalist waved Albanian Flag Live (Video) Thursday, October 15, 2015 Rating: 5
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