Albania - More than 700 Abortions a Year

Albania - More than 700 Abortions a Year
"Queen Geraldine" Maternity Hospital
More than 700 babies a year are prohibited from coming to this world, because their mothers choose voluntarily to abort. According to data of two main maternity hospitals in Albania, "Queen Geraldine" and "Koco Gliozheni", in 2014 occured 736 abortions voluntarily. An alarming figure, having in mind that this number derives from those females who declare their abortions and done in the third month of pregnancy.

Officially is learned that from these abortions, 569 of them occured in "Queen Geraldine"  maternity, and 167 in "Koço Glozheni" hospital, a resent investigation of "Shqip" newspaper suggest.

It is noted that compared with a year ago, there is a slight decline in the number of abortions. In the first 6 months of this year at  "Queen Geraldine" maternity hospital are performed 242 abortions voluntary, whereas for the same period of last year, this figure was higher - 316.

Mostly, those mothers who choose to make an abortion have two children, and for a variety of reasons are unable to rise a third. Another category of women who choose to make an interruption of pregnancy are those who have children outside marriage or as a result of incest, which has been a prequent problem recently. In terms of age, these females are of all ages, but dominate young women.

 In an earlier investigation conducted by "Shqip", is noted that teenagers without  get to not licensed clinics without their parents to perform the abortion.

 So, in Tirana the termination of pregnancy is done easily even if you are under 18, enough to have some money to pay the bill required by anonym doctor.

Private clinics are turning into "slaughter", only for business purposes without interested no human aspect, given that we talk here of girls aged 15-19.

Despite the painful landscape that hides in Tirana streets, though inaudibly known by all, nobody cares to check.

Prices for an abortion with pills or with interventions ranging from Lek 13,000 to 20,000.
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