Killed by Serbians: A Seven-Year-Old's Story Immortalized in Bronze

 In the quiet town of Skënderaj, Kosovo, a new sculpture stands as a poignant reminder of the atrocities of war and the indomitable human spirit. The sculpture, created by artist Sabri Bahramaj, immortalizes Leotrim Ahmeti, a seven-year-old boy tragically killed by Serbian forces during the Kosovo War. This moving tribute stems from a deeply touching narrative recounted by Leotrim's mother, which has profoundly influenced the artist.

Killed by Serbians: A Seven-Year-Old's Story Immortalized in Bronze
The bronze sculpture of Leotrim Ahmeti made by the artist Sabri Bahramaj
Leotrim's story, especially his last words to his mother, "Mother, look, I have something in my stomach too; I'm sick in my stomach. When I took off his clothes, I saw that his stomach was torn, and his intestines were out. I put my sweater over him to cover it, and he said, 'No, Mom, don't touch me because it hurts so much,'" deeply affected Bahramaj. These heart-wrenching words, shared by Leotrim's mother, resonated with the artist and compelled him to create a lasting tribute.

In an interview with Denisa Pasholli, Bahramaj shared his emotional journey in creating the sculpture. "Everything started from the story of Leotrim's mother, in an interview published on social networks in 2022. When I saw the interview, I set a condition for myself to create a work for Leotrim, and now it has become a reality. The artistic realization took about three months until it reached the bronze stage," Bahramaj explained.

The bronze sculpture of Leotrim Ahmeti made by the artist Sabri Bahramaj
 The bronze sculpture of Leotrim Ahmeti and the artist Sabri Bahramaj
The sculpture's creation is not just a work of art but a personal mission for Bahramaj. He emphasized how deeply he was moved by Leotrim's final words and how this motivated him to bring the project to fruition. The unveiling of the sculpture coincides with the 25th anniversary of Skënderaj's liberation, adding further significance to the tribute.

"This is a very powerful text from the boy, next to his mother. This text touched me deeply in my heart, and I completed the project. This is the story of Leotrim's mother, and these were the last words of the seven-year-old who couldn't survive his wounds. That event touched me spiritually, and I realized it myself. This coincides with June 18, the day of Skënderaj's liberation," Bahramaj shared.

The narrative of Leotrim's final moments will be inscribed on plaques accompanying the sculpture to ensure that future generations remember his story. "Just as the story was told, it will be written on the plaque and passed down to generations," Bahramaj stated.

This sculpture stands not only as a memorial to a young life lost but also as a testament to the enduring power of art to convey deep emotional truths and preserve history for future generations. Through this work, Sabri Bahramaj has given Leotrim Ahmeti a form of immortality, ensuring that his story of pain and resilience will never be forgotten.
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