Arrest of Two Suspected Serbian Secret Service Agents in Kosovo

 A multi-month investigative operation has culminated in the arrest of two suspected agents of the Serbian secret service (BIA) in Ferizaj. The Kosovo Intelligence Agency (AKI) and its officials, who masterminded the operation, successfully gathered evidence to persuade the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police to take action. But who are the two individuals arrested on suspicion of working for the BIA?


According to sources, the suspects are Bedri Shabani and Muharrem Qerimi.

Gazeta Express has managed to obtain detailed information about their profiles, what they are suspected of, and how they have been operating since the 1990s, particularly in recent years.

Profiles of the Suspected Agents

Bedri Shabani worked as a customs officer during the 1990s, the era of Slobodan Milosevic, while Muharrem Qerimi served as an officer in the Kosovo Police until shortly after Kosovo declared independence.

Interestingly, these two individuals did not operate as a team but had the same contact within the BIA.

Their Contact in the BIA

Their superior was reportedly Srdjan Rosic, a Serbian BIA officer born in Ferizaj, whose name came up during Bogoljub Janicijevic’s testimony at The Hague.

Alleged Activities

What exactly did Bedri Shabani and Muharrem Qerimi do, or attempt to do?

Information gathered from Kosovo's security agencies indicates that their aim was to contaminate and criminalize the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) by fabricating evidence or creating false witnesses.

Bedri Shabani, according to these sources, tried to distort the truth about the Reçak Massacre.

The Reçak Massacre

For years, Serbia has attempted to promote the narrative that the Reçak Massacre was staged by the KLA and the international community, claiming that the people killed there were not victims of the Serbian police and military but rather of the KLA. This narrative aims to delegitimize NATO's intervention in Kosovo. Bedri Shabani allegedly attempted to support Serbia's narrative.

This accusation, of course, remains to be proven by the prosecution and the courts, as Shabani is currently only a suspect.

Fabricating a "Yellow House" in Kosovo

Additionally, there is information suggesting that Bedri Shabani attempted to fabricate a "Yellow House" scenario, similar to the one in northern Albania, but this time in Kosovo. Operative information indicates that he tried to convert an old KLA hospital in the village of Mollopolc, near Reçak, into a “Yellow House.”

Physical and Other Contacts

Both Shabani and Qerimi reportedly maintained contact with their BIA superior both physically and through other means.

Discovery and Arrest

It is not yet known exactly when AKI started tracking them, but it is suspected that they were discovered while attempting to stage an ethnic incident in Kosovo, a tactic seen often in the region. It is likely this incident led to their detection. Regardless, the matter is now in the hands of the prosecution.

Modus Operandi

The operation and methods of the suspected Serbian agents are particularly interesting. Bedri Shabani spent most of his time outside Kosovo, while Muharrem Qerimi, after leaving the police, tried to present himself as an important figure or someone working for AKI or another national secret service. Meanwhile, he continued dealing in real estate.

Evidence and Next Steps

According to information, the prosecution already has compelling evidence, incriminating material, and extensive documentation proving their attempts to harm the state of Kosovo.

In the coming days, more evidence and details of this case will be revealed, including a sinister plan they allegedly had against William Walker, the American ambassador who exposed the Reçak Massacre to the world.
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