Two girls get married in Tirana: Alba and Edlira's Historic Wedding?

 Tomorrow, on the terrace of the Tirana Municipality, two women, Edlira and Alba, will be getting married. The couple will tie the knot in a private ceremony on the municipality's terrace, with the permission of Mayor Erion Veliaj.

Alba and Edlira in municipal unit no. 2 in Tirana
 Alba and Edlira in municipal unit no. 2 in Tirana
They have also submitted their request to the civil registry, ensuring that their union will be legally recognized. The wedding ceremony on the municipality's terrace will be officiated by two pastors from the United Kingdom.

Alba Ahmetaj and Edlira Mara

Today, we have submitted our request for marriage registration to the Civil Registry Office, based on our rights under Albanian legislation and the requirements for the form of marriage set forth in the Family Code of the Republic of Albania. Article 53 of our Constitution states, "Everyone has the right to marry and have a family." However, the Family Code reserves this right only for heterosexual couples, discriminating based on sexual orientation and in violation of constitutional guarantees for every other couple.

The fact that our marriage is not yet legally recognized does not deter us from embarking on this important journey. Our request for marriage registration symbolizes the first step in a long and challenging battle, but above all, a battle for justice. We are determined to pursue the legal route and respect the procedures and institutions of our country, challenging the discriminatory content of the Family Code to seek recognition of our right to marriage, on an equal basis with every other couple in Albania.

As a symbolic choice, at the outset of this legal battle, we have decided to get married on Sunday, May 19, 2024, on the terrace of the Tirana Municipality, a public space available for use by the city's taxpayers for various events, before God and in the presence of our closest friends. Our ceremony will be officiated by two pastors from the United Kingdom, who have agreed to travel specifically for this occasion.

We call on the public and the media to respect our decision and this significant moment for us. This religious marriage is not a provocation, as perceived by some in society, but rather a manifestation of our will, love, and 15-year commitment to each other and our two daughters, our right to be happy and to create families, after another long and still unfinished battle for the legal recognition of our two daughters.

In conclusion, we emphasize that our goal remains the fight for equality and full rights for all citizens, without any discrimination, including the right to form a legally recognized family.
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