'Another cyber attack from Iran against Albania'

Albanian anti-terrorist forces entering the Iranian embassy in Tirana
 Albanian anti-terrorist forces entering the Iranian embassy in Tirana
 Albania has been hit by another cyber attack from Iran. The news was confirmed by Prime Minister Edi Rama. The head of the government clarifies that the aggressors are the same and that the work is continuing together with the allies to protect the digital systems.

"Another cyber attack by the same aggressors, already exposed and condemned by Albania's friendly and allied countries, was recorded last night on the TIMS system! Meanwhile, we continue working around the clock with our allies to make our digital systems impenetrable," writes Rama.

Since yesterday evening at the Kapshtica Border Point, there have been problems with the TIMS system. As a result, citizens' entries and exits at the border are done manually. The border directorate announced that they are working with the registers. However, this situation has not led to a queue of vehicles, as border police officers have also been added.

The attack comes after Albania has severed diplomatic relations with Iran. Two days ago, diplomats and employees of the Iranian embassy in Tirana were expelled from the country. The Albanian government blamed Iran for the cyber attack on online sites in July. Iran's attack on Albania has also been condemned by Western allies.
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