Cocaine trade, six Albanians have been executed in Latin America over the past 5 years

At the city center, Guayaquil
At the city center, Guayaquil 
 Six Albanians have been executed in Latin America over the past 5 years, 4 of them in Ecuador.

Guayaquil has become the epicenter of clashes between Albanian groups to control cocaine trafficking lines, while in the port of Durres in recent years more than 1 ton of cocaine has been seized.

Albanians in Ecuador date back to the early 2010s, while many of them live in Guayaquil through marital ties to dubious businesses as well as fake identities to avoid persecution in Albania.

Arrested in 2014 in Italy for heroin trafficking, 34-year-old Ergys Dashi is the fourth victim of clashes in Guayaquil and mafia-type killings, typical of the cocaine war, as Albanian media reports.

The executions began in 2017 with Ilir Hidri, Albanian-Montenegrin Fadil Kacanic and Adriatik Tresa in 2020, who was executed at the luxury Bali residence, although according to authorities there he was constantly changing residences.

Ecuador, Albanian is executed in the restaurant

Albanians and what is known in Ecuador as the Balkan mafia have long expanded their influence in international drug trafficking. According to the latest data from the Ecuadorian state, they are already cooperating with each other, leaving behind large organizations such as the Ndrangheta.

Although it is not a cocaine-producing country, the clash between criminal groups takes place in Ecuador due to the 4 large ports that Guayaquil has and the attempt to become part of the traffic lines in these ports.

The role of Albanians increased significantly, as their presence in Latin America has placed them in the first hand of the cocaine trafficking chain, whose kilogram costs 1500 dollars.
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