400 kg of cocaine inside bananas boxes in Montenegro

Cocaine packages inside bananas boxes
 Cocaine packages inside bananas boxes cought in Bar, Montenegro
 400 kg of cocaine in banana packages was seized in Montenegro on Wednesday. Authorities believe the cocaine came from Ecuador to the port of Bar and ended up in the warehouses of the well-known Montenegrin company Voli.

Montenegrin media report that it was the employees of the company "Voli" who informed the police about the suspected packages, which immediately arrived at the scene, where they found the drug among the numerous packages, VOA reports.

By order of the Special Prosecution of the state, investigations have begun for this event and for the company "Voli" which is owned by the well-known businessman from Montenegro, Dragan Bokan.

The Chief Prosecutor of Montenegro, Milivoje Katniq, told the media in Podgorica that he would not comment on the case in the warehouse of the logistics center of the company "Voli". Katniq stressed that "the competent state bodies will make an official announcement the next day."

There is still no official reaction from the police authorities, nor from the Montenegrin Customs Directorate.

This is the second case that in a short time large quantities of cocaine hidden in loads of bananas are confiscated.

Montenegrin customs officers, in co-operation with police, in August last year discovered the truck in the port of Bar, which was transporting more than a tonne of cocaine.
400 kg of cocaine inside bananas boxes in Montenegro 400 kg of cocaine inside bananas boxes in Montenegro Thursday, January 13, 2022 Rating: 5
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