Adriatic Lalla 'non grata' in the US, brother of MP Lita pays the lobbying

From the left: Korab Lita, Adriatik Llalla and Bedri Lita
 The former Adriatic General Prosecutor Lalla is one of three senior Albanian officials to whom the US secretary of state has publicly communicated the decision to never again put a foot on American soil.

The US Secretary of State made this drastic decision for the former chief prosecutor on February 14, 2018. Unlike Tom Doshi and Vangjush Dako who have never voiced this extreme decision, the former chief prosecutor Adriatic Ll

alla disagreed with this American attitude toward him and his family.

About a year later, Mr. Llalla began his efforts to get out of the blacklist. This document shows the engagement of a New York-based lobbying firm called Sher Tremonte, which entered into a contract with the former prosecutor on February 15, 2019, whose object is to "cancel the US State Department's decision to ban him and his family entering the US.

For this lobbying activity, it is sanctioned in the contract to pay $ 5,000. While lobbying in the US is legitimate if it falls within the prescribed US legal framework, in Mr. Llalla's case, it is interesting who paid these $ 5,000. In the contract between Sher Tremonte's lobbying company and Mr. Llalla, the $ 5,000 was not paid by him, but by a construction company called Lita Brothers Construction LLC based in New York.

Adriatic Lalla 'non grata' in the US, brother of MP Lita pays the lobbying

According to data from the US Business Registry, the owner of this company is the Albanian-American citizen Bedri Lita.

Mr. Bedri Lita is the brother of Democratic deputy Korab Lita. It remains unclear why Bedri Lita, the payer of $ 5,000, was involved in this lobbying operation in favor of Adriatic Lalla. On this issue, Top Channel asked MP Korab Lita what comment he had on his brother's involvement in this lobbying story.

Korab Lita stated:

"From the information I have, it is a story before I entered the Parliament. For 30 years my brother has lived in the US and is an American citizen. Our activities and lives are separated by 30 years. Each of us lives independently. "
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