'Albania is again occupied by Putin's Soviet-Russia'

 By Gani Mehmetaj
I am starting to doubt that Albania is again occupied by the Soviet Union or Putin's Russia. DigitAlb with a series of Soviet and Russian film starring Stalin-Putin is convincing me more and more that Russia is in Albania.

In DigitAlb's Eurofilm program, the Russian film is almost equal to the Italian, French, British, German, Spanish films is more common than the Polish and Czech films. Meanwhile the Soviet-Russian film of Tarkovsky's time, even farther from the time of the Empire, was not equated to the Czech and Polish films, while are far behind the Italian and Spanish films.

Why this nostalgic service to the Soviets, alias Russians?
I remembered the euphoric saying of a lawyer woman from Durrës on the social network: Putin is turning the dignity of the Russians. Enthusiastic that Russia is opposed to the West in the same way as in the time of the Cold War. Why the miserable woman from Durrës identified herself with Putin and the Russians, perhaps the editors of DigitAlb know very well that they are turning us into the era of the Russian glaciers.

The Albanian TV channels ore poisoning the public with Turkish movies trash, now want to turn us back to the Soviet-Russian films, where the brave Partisan-Soviets triumphed over the German enemies.
'Albania is again occupied by Putin's Soviet-Russia' 'Albania is again occupied by Putin's Soviet-Russia' Thursday, July 04, 2019 Rating: 5
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