Trump's letter sent to Hashim Thaci 'invades all' the Serbian media

 The letter that the President of the United States Donalt Trump sent recently to his Kosovar counterpart , Hashim Thaci, saying that Washington is ready to offer to the President Thaci assistance in trying to reach an agreement in the dialogue with Serbia, has occupied the media In Serbia.

The Belgrade media say Trump has expressed satisfaction with the conversation he has with Thaci at the 100th anniversary of World War I, marking that Kosovo is Washington's decisive partner for maintaining peace and stability in Europe.

US President - Serbian media writes - has welcomed Thaci's efforts for reconciliation with Serbia. "The failure to take advantage of this unique opportunity would be a tragic returning back, because another opportunity for a comprehensive peace agreement will hardly be repeated for a long time," Trump wrote.

"I urge you and the leaders of Kosovo to use this unique moment, to speak with one voice during the peace negotiations, and to refrain from actions that may make it difficult to reach an agreement," the US president commissioned.

In the letter Trupm recalls that the US has invested heavily in Kosovo's success as an independent and sovereign state.

 "We want your country to continue to develop." Trump added.

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"We are ready to help you in your efforts to reach an agreement that reflects in a balanced way the interests of Kosovo and Serbia. Such an agreement is achievable. I expect the White House to welcome you and President Aleksandar Vucic to celebrate what will be a historic deal," Serbian media quoted the Trump's letter.

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The media in Serbia write among other things that President Thaçi in his Twitter message expressed that he also rejoiced at the celebration of the conclusion of peace in the White House and the opening of the path for Kosovo's membership in NATO, the European Union and the United Nations.
Trump's letter sent to Hashim Thaci 'invades all' the Serbian media Trump's letter sent to Hashim Thaci 'invades all' the Serbian media Thursday, December 20, 2018 Rating: 5
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