The British humanist Aubrey Herbert honored in Tirana

Aubrey Herber and Independent Albania cover photo book
The cover photo of the book Aubrey Herber and Independent Albania written by Muharrem Hasan Shqarri

 A study devoted to the British humanist Aubrey Herbert is inaugurated in Tirana today. He is known in Albania for his help in strengthening the new Albanian state at the begining of the last century.

The Institute of Historical Studies "Lumo Skëndo" published today the study "Aubrey Herbert and the Independent Albania" by the author Muharrem Hasan Shqarri.

The book reveals the works and values ​​of the British humanist Herbert and his contribution to the Albanian people 100 years ago at the beginning of their state.

Aubrey Herbert was very politically engaged in Albania, and his mother, Lady Elisabeth Carnavon, also loved Albania and performed many cultural and humanitarian works, such as schools, medical centers and libraries for the youth.

At the promotion of this book was present also Eduard Melote, a great-grandson of Aubrey Herbert, currently involved in British diplomacy.

He praised the contribution of the humanitarian Herbert and the Carnavon family for the protection of Albanian affairs and education of Albanian youth.

"The fact that even today after 96 years of his death, Albanians recall the incredible work of Aubrey Herbert through studies and through this book, show the honor they have for him and his help. This is wonderful and expresses our family gratitude for these honors "- said Mr. Melote.

Aubrey Herbert set up the village of Qerret and his school, while his mother, Lady Carnavon, raised the first public library in Tirana, known as the former Ali Demi cinema building, which has been flattened for several years in anticipation of multi-storey buildings.

The Albanian government of 1920-21 named by his name (Aubrey Herbert) the great road of Kavaja and hi is still very popular today in Kavaja.

"History is important," the researchers said, "because tells us where we are today."
The British humanist Aubrey Herbert honored in Tirana The British humanist Aubrey Herbert honored in Tirana Thursday, December 27, 2018 Rating: 5
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