The fate of Greek Football in the hands of an Albanian

Eduard Dervishaj
Eduard Dervishaj

 The Greek football faces the risk of penalization from all international activities; and not just the clubs, but also the national teams. 

"We propose the immediate suspension of FIFA member status for the Greek football federation" was the proposal that the FIFA supervisor of the Greek federation, Austrian Herbert Hubei, has sent to the world football government headquartered in Zürich. In a dramatic meeting held on Thursday at EPOs' office (Greek football federation), has also assisted the delegate of FIFA Oversight Committee, the Albanian Eduard Dervishaj.

Dervishaj, who has opposed the exclusion of Greek football. Speaking at Thursday's meeting, he stated (according to an announcement published by EPO): "The main priority is for the championship to get finished, there is a risk for the image of Greek and European football. I want for us to work together, to be harsh and we send the message that we are taking measures against violence, we need support and we have full confidence of EPO president and his work, and we urge him to support and act together with him the entire Executive Committee of the federation.

We also seek support from the football of the profession. The Championship should end normally and to see immediately the acts and decisions by judicial bodies. To see that a war against violence is taking place, as Panorama writes.

In this way, an Albanian helped the Greek Football, giving them the chance to get things done properly, to return to normality.
The fate of Greek Football in the hands of an Albanian The fate of Greek Football in the hands of an Albanian Sunday, April 01, 2018 Rating: 5
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