FBI agent dies mysteriously in Tirana; US Ambassador strong accusations to politicians

FBI agent dies mysteriously in Tirana; US Ambassador strong accusations to politicians

 Hamdi Kosturi was a good Albanian, a skilled FBI American professional. That fate wanted that after many efforts to go to the United States for a better life, to die in his homeland.

Hamdi Kosturi had migrated to the United States in 1999-2000, and amid the many efforts to continue a better life away from his new homeland, Kosturi managed to get his passport and then enter the FBI.

Shortly after he became a special agent, and about two weeks ago, the Albanian public saw him alongside people who investigated and discovered seven structured criminal groups in different states that had trafficked about 1 thousand Albanians towards United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

But a week after this very successful operation, the 39-year-old Hamdi Kosturi died. But just one week after this action it is learned that he has suffered a stroke in his house where he lived in Tirana.

He was originally from Fushë-Kruja. A very good investigator who coordinated the work between the Albanian police and who successfully completed the mega-operation codenamed "One If-By Land".

He throwed into the Albanian police net many offenders who trafficked human beings in the US, Canada and Britain.

The "white meat" traffic brought millions of euros to these gangs.

Kosturi was the leader in this action, who led to the discovery of seven structured criminal groups. And a week later he finds death.

A mysterious death, though the initial version is death from cardiac arrest. And right now, the US ambassador in Tirana, Donald Lu, raised strong accusations against Albanian politics. Donald Lu, has demanded the maximum arrest and punishment for all the traffickers of human beings.

The American top diplomat said even he fells disgust, for the fact that some of our country's voted leaders have sold innocent girls to slavery.

"I feel disgusted that some of the leaders of this country, I think also from other countries in the region, were the men who sold these innocent girls to slavery. They should be arrested and punished with all the power of the law," said the US ambassador.

A strong accusation non articulated by any diplomat before in Albania. Neither from American ambassadors who came to Albania, not even Donald Lu himself.

It was just a week after the action where 7 structured criminal groups of trafficking human beings were seized the Albanian agent from Fushë Kruja and FBI Hamdi Kosturi died and was handed over to eternity. Serving to the country that asked so much to be its citizen, the US, and serving in the country he loved so much but was obliged to leave, to Albania.

After this mysterious death, some questions arise: What is happening ?! The question comes from the fact that Kosturi was a special agent of the US State Department's Diplomatic Security Service, attached to the US Embassy in Tirana.

The United States Diplomatic Security Service (DSS or DS) is the US Federal Law Enforcement and Security Force. The DSS is the leading US law enforcement organization outside the country.

The DSS's Special Agent Duties include the protection of US diplomatic missions, US diplomats and visits of foreign personalities, conducting criminal investigations against visa and passports falsification, counter-terrorism and counterintelligence inside and outside country. What else issue did Kosturi had in his hand, which could shake the crime in Albania ?! Maybe politics ?!
FBI agent dies mysteriously in Tirana; US Ambassador strong accusations to politicians FBI agent dies mysteriously in Tirana; US Ambassador strong accusations to politicians Sunday, April 01, 2018 Rating: 5
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