Business Forum Between Albania and Iran

Business Forum Between Albania and Iran

 The Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania, in cooperation with the Iranian Embassy in Tirana, organized today a joint business forum between Albania and Iran.

The forum discussed the possibilities of cooperation in several sectors such as agriculture, construction, food production, wood production, tourism, and meetings between business representatives

The Speaker of the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania, Ines Muçostepa, in her speech said that there is still much work to be done to intensify bilateral economic relations and trade exchanges.

"To achieve this we need to work with common agendas to organize our ventures to participate in trade fairs, or trade missions that I think should increase. High state institutions are taking steps towards in completing the legal framework to boost economic and trade exchanges. The investment promotion and protection agreement, as well as the agreement on the elimination of double taxation, is in the process of negotiating. All these elements when applied will be an aid for ventures." she said.

Muçostepa said that Albania is an attractive country with many sectors for foreign investors.

"The macroeconomic stability, the favorable legal framework and the structural reforms undertaken have created the right terrain for foreign capital to invest. Albania is already the gateway and aorientation gateway, not just in a small market like Albanian, but throughout the Balkans." Muçostepa declared.

Iran's Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Golamhossein Shafeei, said that the  relations between Iran and Albania are old, which, according to him, despite the downs and ups they are positive  in the public opinion of the two countries.

"The people of Iran have always had consideration for the Albanian people. As a continuation of history, faith and culture, we are making efforts to strengthen more and more the economic, cultural, scientific, technological, industrial, academic and tourist relations with Albania." said Shafeei.

Speaking about economic co-operation between the two countries, Shafeei said:

"Iran is one of the major producers of oil and natural gas and a rich country with mineral reserves. Investing in the field of oil and gas utilities and equipment, mining services and equipment, energy industry, and exploitation industry is a convenient opportunity for Albania's economic factors.

The development of Iran's relations with the countries of the Balkan region, including Albania, in the areas of transport, fishing, agriculture, food, energy, oil and gas, mining are on the agenda of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce.

According to him, Albania can play a significant role to Iran's imports and exports in Europe, the same role that Iran can play as the gateway of Albania to the countries around the Caspian Sea.
Business Forum Between Albania and Iran Business Forum Between Albania and Iran Wednesday, April 25, 2018 Rating: 5
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