The Turkish company Kalyon to construct the Vlora Airport?

Vlora Airport illustration
Vlora Airport illustration

 The project for the construction of the Vlora Airport is close to concretization. The Turkish company "Kalyon" has expressed interest in the constraction, according to the public-private partnership formula. 

TV Klan writes that the project investment funds will be funded by the company, while the government will return the money later, based on the formula to be agreed and according to the flow forecasts that the airport will have. The name of the firm that will build the Vlora airport is taught by a status that has published on Facebook the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Damian Gjiknuri.

Gjiknuri writes that he was a special guest in Turkey, alongside Turkish Prime Minister and Minister of Energy at the ceremony of the starting of the first solar panel plant. The $ 1.4 billion investment of the plant will be realized by the Kalyon & Haneha consortium, where Kalyon is the one that has sought to build the Vlora airport.

From several months the Albania's prime minister has announced the construction of the airport by a Turkish company, while it is learned that the negotiations with the firm have started and it is planned that the contract for the construction of the works will be signed next year.

After removing the exclusivity that Tirana International Airport has in the Albanian airspace, Vlora Airport will be the second international airport on our territory, while Kukes Airport seems that is not in the plans of the government in the near future.
The Turkish company Kalyon to construct the Vlora Airport? The Turkish company Kalyon to construct the Vlora Airport? Friday, December 22, 2017 Rating: 5
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