Albanian with 32 kg of heroin arrested in Bergamo

 A bliz operation of Guardia di Finanza in Como led to the seizure of a quantity of 32 kg of heroin and the arrest of an Albanian.

The heroine is detected by police during a normal road control. Police officers stoped an Albanian citizen who, by answering ritual questions, has shown excessive nervousness by providing fragmentary information.

After they found a screwdriver in the glove compartment, police thought the car may have a double bottom and deepened into a more thorough control of the car.

They uncovered two base skirts inside the car, one under the gear, where there was nothing and the other behind the glove compartment. Inside the car is found a pistol that resulted stolen in 2010.

Then the police found some keys of the Albanian house in a neighborhood in Brembate, in the province of Bergamo. There they discovered a real drug lab. Inside were found 63 heroin packs, in total over 32 kg. Two pistols were found, one of which was fitted with a silencer; 108 cartridges of different caliber, over 40 kg of blend substance and all the devoces used for drugs

Police also seized two cars of the Albanian that resulted in criminal case precedent./Oculus News

Albanian with 32 kg of heroin arrested in Bergamo Albanian with 32 kg of heroin arrested in Bergamo Tuesday, October 03, 2017 Rating: 5
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