Apollonia Archaeological Park in European Agenda of Tourism

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 Hundreds of foreign visitors visit the Archeological Park of Apollonia in Fier every day. During the months of July - August of this year the Park registered over 13 thousand foreign tourists.

The highest number has been marked by tourists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Poland, who share the best impressions for the visit to Albania.

"We come from Geneva. We are really surprised with Albania. There are many archaeological monuments! We are surprised! We did not expect it! We visited Berat, the city of "1001 windows". Everything we have really seen surprises us and hope to come back. We are very pleased also by the expectation we have found everywhere, so when we return to our country, we will talk about it and we believe that our impressions will make more tourists to come here," says a foreign visitor as Albanian Radio Television (RTSh) reports.

Marin Haxhimihali, Director of the Archaeological Park of Apollonia, tells  to RTSh that the increase of visits is a confirmation that Aplonia has entered the European visit agenda this year.

But what is considered important at this moment for the Archaeological Park of Apollonia is the return of the Franco-Albanian research expedition. According to Mr. Haxhimihali, the expedition is using the latest methods of photogrammetry and information technology in archeology related to the Archaeological Park of Apollonia.

"The end is the completion of the museum with some elements that have been discovered by the expedition but have not been respected before," he said.

The French-Albanian expedition operates in Apollonia since 1993 with interruption and return, while this time will enable the first digital mapping of the Park. Apolonia is one of the largest cities in the Adriatic basin and the most famous among the other 30 cities of the same name of ancient times./Oculus News

Apollonia Archaeological Park in European Agenda of Tourism Apollonia Archaeological Park in European Agenda of Tourism Friday, September 01, 2017 Rating: 5
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