Pelasgian traces found on Tomorr Mount

Bargullas vullage from above
Bargullas villages by Google Map
By Altin Kocaqi

 On the 21st of August, 2016, we went to the village of Bargullas to look closely at some of the data provided by the historian Perikli Ikonomi about the existence of toponomastics such as the 'Shore of Koroni' or the 'Dodon's Neck', Vitalin's fountain and the High Rock Wash (called the Rock of Dodona).

Under Valter Koxhaj's company we went on filming for 'Alpo Rtv' to create a thematic documentary over the existence of the Pelasgian footprints at Tomorri Mountains.

The Koroni Castle is on the western side of Bargullas Village and still retains a very old name like the "Crown", of the Father of the Gods, according to Mythology. The name of Koroni was preserved, just as Pericles Ikonomi used to tell us, together with the names 'Koroni Castle, Korona's Shore, Shore of the Church of Koroni.' In Bargulas there were still families bearing the surname 'Koroni'.

Pelasgian traces found on Tomorr Mount

Polygonal stones known as Pelasgic stones were found on the Koroni Castle, while the black ceramics, distinguished for its old age, is found throughout the stretch of the Castle.

...... While on the way back we accidentally found a broken and scattered pottery, when all of a sudden, Valter Koxhaj discerned at 'one of the long-lasting symbols': the Pelasgian Sun symbol with eight beams, Who acompanied for centuries the 'Pelasgian actors' world.

Pelasgian traces found on Tomorr Mount

This symbol is also documented by Demetrius Pilika, 'Pellazgs, our denied origin , Tirana 2005, p. 93', as a Pelasgian symbol in the area of Pyrrhus of Epirus.

Pelasgian traces found on Tomorr Mount
Also in another currency appear Alexander the Great on one side and the Pelasgian Zeus on the other. Zeus appears with the Sun with eight beams, just as the symbol on the seal that Mr. Koxhaj found by chance on the ground near a "place" with scattered pottery.

The existence of this "stamp" on Tomorr Mountain recalls the memory of scholars who underestimate the old history of this area, the Pelasgian history, proven by Westerners, was rewarded by Albanian Renaissance and is hated so much by today's academics./Oculus News

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